You don’t have to go too far …

I took five days off this week, for a vacation in .. Toronto! I felt very tired lately, plus I didn’t allow myself a real vacation since I came to Canada (6.5 years ago). I’ve spent all my vacation days on courses (in Toronto or States) the last four years, and a couple of days off here and here the years before.
“You’re in vacation? Why don’t you go somewhere else?” a friend asked, a little surprised. “Because I traveled a lot for my courses”, I replied, “and, I’m ok with having a vacation in Toronto! It’s a wonderful city to explore too, if you want.”

But the most interesting experience I felt was this morning at… home! I wake up at 7am, and, while still in bed, I shifted into a meditation state. “I’m in vacation, let’s explore a little bit”, I told myself, starting to notice what’s happening. The more I paid attention, the more I was going deeper in that state. I was conscious enough to notice what’s happening inside, and around me. I didn’t do a guided or a music induced meditation, I just allowed myself to explore whatever came up. And when you’re curious, you don’t allow your thoughts to distract you; notice them, and come back to the point of focus, they will go away! A wonderful world opened up for me in this experience!

It was a deep meditation, my body felt very heavy, my eyes were closed for a long period of time (more than two hours). I “saw” colors and abstract images, and almost each shift in colors or image had a corresponding effect in my body. Sometimes an image activated a part of my body, and that area start tingling at first, then energy flowed from that part through very thin channels… to spread out on a larger area. When images or colors shifted, other parts were activated accordingly. Sometimes two corresponding parts (according to reflexology) where activated simultaneously, allowing the energy to move freely in both areas at the same time. Or: starting from the heart chakra (middle chest area) I felt energy spreading through different thin channels, following what I’ve called “energy paths”. One started from heart chakra and went up to the left shoulder, then down the arm and felt the tingling in my fingers when it got there; another one went left also, around my chest.. then I shifted my attention to see if there’s something similar to the right side, and the energy followed similar paths. Later on, the energy went up in a spiral, like wrapping my body, or my right side felt apart from my left side.. a whole bunch of interesting experiences for a cloudy morning at home. 😉

Why I’m describing you my experience? It’s because of what I’ve learned from it:
– We hear about Indian chakras and Chinese meridians, but it’s hard to believe until we really experience them.. and even an untrained person could to that! Well, I did train myself a little bit, to quiet my mind through meditation. It’s a great practice BTW, that brings peace, more energy and … interesting experiences! And I also worked on my own limiting beliefs and negative thoughts, allowing me now to experience life from a totally new and empowering perspective, being receptive at a more subtle level.
– The fact that different images/colors triggered energy movement in different parts of my body, made me think about the link between the thoughts/ images we hold in our minds, and how much energy passes or get blocked in certain places of our body. Could it be that diseases or getting sick has more to do with our way of thinking than with the real viruses or situations?! That we create the conditions by weakening our bodies through our own way of thinking (negative thoughts, limiting believes) and feelings? Could it be that by changing our way of thinking we can reverse the process?! Imagine what this could bring, if you think about the cancer, for example. We focus so much on the effects: what prescription do I need to eliminate this effect? Instead of how can I eliminate the original cause!
– It looks so simple, that’s hard to believe?! The science and different ancient cultures point into the same direction. I’ll just mention Gregg Braden, if you want to read more about this.
– The most difficult thing is: how to identify our limiting beliefs and negative thoughts, and how to change them?! By reading a book you increase your awareness (well, depends on what book you read too), but it won’t change your limiting beliefs. These are not easy to identify and change, since most of them are hidden in your unconscious mind. A coach is well prepared to help you in this direction, but you still have to be committed to help yourself. He/she is only the facilitator for the change.

How much do to you monitor your own thoughts and beliefs? How many times do you pay attention to your body’s feelings and sensations?
The body has wisdom! If you notice its messages, sometimes it’s “screaming” to point you in the right direction.. do you hear it?



About Gabriela Casineanu

Building a better world by tapping into introvert power. I'm a Thoughts Designer, Trailblazer and Artist, with a background in Engineering, IT, Quality Assurance, Business and Coaching. Yep, seems a lot ... but I came a full circle. :-) I enjoyed every phase I've been through, especially my last years when the pieces of my puzzle start coming together!
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