Happy employees and productivity :-)

If you’re part of an organisation, wouldn’t you be happier if there was a system in place to encourage employees to express their talents, and to acknowledge their strengths… more often? IMG_1386_Poz_th
Wouldn’t those employees feel happier if they are perceived in the workplace as human beings with talents, not only as “machines” needed to perform tasks and meet deadlines?
Wouldn’t that add an extra touch to their work environment, feeling more appreciated and even encouraging other colleagues to express more themselves?
And finally wouldn’t that help increase their productivity? Creativity could improve problem solving as well.

Some time ago, I asked if I can have a photo exhibition in the organisation I was working for, who had a designated space as art gallery (for external artists). My tasks had nothing to do with art, and photography was more than a hobby for me. While I understood their point of view (to not be perceived as making favours to their employees), I couldn’t stop myself to feel frustrated. I’ll let you answer if frustration affects productivity! 🙂

But my request was not forgotten, and after I stopped working there I was encouraged to send an application to their cultural department. Needless to say how happy made me the jury’s decision to accept my application for a solo exhibition (which received a grant of Ontario Arts Council). Even more, in the next cultural season they organised a group exhibition to show the art of their talented employees. I loved that initiative, even I was not one of them any more!

My solo exhibition at Celine Allard Gallery of Centre francophone de Toronto had an interesting effect on me: the positive feedback received was the little push I needed to acknowledge my artistic side, which I was ignoring since my childhood… discouraged by the words of a teacher. I guess I’m not the only one, am I ?!

Through coaching I help others understand and embrace their own uniqueness, and create great relationships with themselves and others. Instead of shutting it down again, this time I embraced my artistic side and start pursuing this path too. .. in fact adding visual to my coaching practice, and combining them even more (like in this infographic).

I’m assuming that not everyone who’s interested in thoughts design is interested in my photography as well. To validate if I’m right, I’ve created a separate website (with blog) for photography, and a facebook page. Please check them out and connect … if you like them 🙂

What can you do to embrace your uniqueness, and become happier … even in a stressful workplace?

Gabriela Casineanu


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