How to let go …

When I’ve posted my Letting go card on facebook, someone asked: “How to do it, to let go?”
Good question! 🙂

Here’s my answer:

Option A
“Letting go” is an easy process when you don’t have anything else resisting to it: just saying “I let go of …” will do the trick.
When you really let it go, you notice a shift in your mood or energy right after you said that sentence. This requires you to simultaneously pay attention to the sensations in your body, which might not be so easy if you’re not used to do it … it might be just a subtle shift.
To me, this shift takes usually the “form” of a good sensation showing up in my chest, like opening the heart chakra. I worked a lot on myself in the past 6 years, releasing limiting beliefs and negative emotions from the past, so most of the times now I don’t have resistance when I want to let go something.

Option B
If you couldn’t let go with Option A, it means that you have some limiting beliefs or negative emotions (maybe at unconscious level) that don’t allow the releasing process … so you’re resisting to it. In this case, the “Letting go” process is a little more complicated. You’ll need to release that resistance first, before letting go of what you want.
I know several methods that could help, but keep in mind that getting rid of resistance might require one or more aspects (limiting beliefs and/or emotions) to be worked on.
In time, I narrowed down the list of methods that I use for myself, even combined some of them for quicker results, and I created new methods based on insights received in a meditative state. When I work with a client, the method I use depends on how open s/he is and the specific situation.
Here are some methods I used up to now or I’m aware of:

  • Methods used by trained coaches or practitioners:
    – “Unfolding the signals”, “Triggered Self”, “2 %” from CRR Global – ORSC training
    – “Process” from CTI Co-active Coaching training
    Time Line Therapy used by trained practitioners in this method
    The efficiency of working with someone else (trained coach or practitioner) comes from the fact that you’re able to focus on your own experience, while the other person is guiding you through the process. Going back and forth by yourself between asking questions or giving instructions about the method, and noticing your own experience while going through it is something a little difficult for many people… even for some of those who know the methods.
  • Self-help methods:
    – “Sedona Method” described in the book with the same title by Hale Dwoskin (short video)
    – “Tapping” technique (based on EFT method) presented in the book & DVD “Tapping Into Ultimate Success” by Jack Canfield and Pamela Bruner (short video)
  • As I said earlier, sometimes I apply on myself a combination of these methods. I’m a coach trained in ORSC and Co-active Coaching, I’ve learned new methods in the self-growth seminars I’ve attended between 2007-2009 (don’t ask how much I paid! 🙂 ) , and I’ve applied the knowledge of many books on these topics. I can use the “level” concept from the Tapping technique, for example, to measure when the method used (to release a certain resistance) was successful.
    With a focus inwards, my daily meditation practice during the last 6 years revealed wonderful insights, and helped me discover the internal “web” of energy channels, some having shapes similar to sacred geometry symbols. p2u3_TheVitruvianManAndDaVincisMerkaba_1
    Few month ago I’ve realized that negative emotions disturb the flow of energy through these channels, and now I’m using this method to release negative emotions.
    While in a semi-meditative state, I witnessed also the effect of negative beliefs, noticing something different: a negative belief causes an imbalance between the left and right part of my body! No wonder why these limiting beliefs and negative emotions have such an influence on our behaviors, and our lives!
    Through observation first, then testing it, I’ve developed this method to release my limiting beliefs:
    While in a relaxing state, I put my focus inside and notice first a point that starts moving. It follows a shape similar to a horizontal infinity sign (with each side placed on another part of my body), it’s a 3D shape. infinity signThe point of my attention moves from one side of my body to the other side, following that shape … which is asymmetrical with bigger sides at the beginning. In time, the shape becomes more symmetrical, and the sides get smaller. At one moment, the point stops going from side to side, and directs itself down, passing the 1st chakra, continuing down until it grounds itself, then up to heart chakra, anchoring itself there too. It continues to move up, anchoring itself in the crown chakra, then in the chakra above it, the process finishing when the points comes back to the heart chakra. At that point, the limiting belief was finally removed. It takes anywhere from seconds to few minutes to allow this process to unfold by itself while witnessing it, depending on how strong the limiting belief was.
  • If you’re curious to try my method, let me know if it works for you too.

    Please add any other methods you know that help letting go!

    Thanks 🙂


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