That’s what my boyfriend says too …

Looking forward to my trip to Machu Picchu in October, I start searching Internet for airfare options. After choosing the best one (according to my criteria), I’ve printed it and headed to the closer Flight Centre. I still enjoy the human connection and asking questions face to face, something that Internet can’t beat … yet. Call me old fashion, if you want. 🙂 I was curious if they can find a better price, if the time between the two fights was enough to move from one gate to another, if the airport was open overnight, how much is the health insurance (and options), and more.
After inviting me to sit down, and asking what I want, R.B. start chitchatting with me while her computers was searching for information. Being an introvert, I’m not a fun of chitchatting. This time though, I took a different approach: I put my coaching “hat” on, becoming curious what this situation will bring me… beside buying an airplane ticket, and getting my questions answered.
– I have fear of flights, she said. When I was a child, I cried every time when my parents booked a vacation that required flying. My mom always said: “Just relax, honey, or sleep.”. But I couldn’t.
– Don’t you have airfare discounts for working here? I asked.
– Yes we do, but I don’t take advantage of them too often. I do like to travel around the world. In time got a little better, but I still have the fear of flights.
– What exactly do you fear about flights?
– The fact that when I’m up in the air, I don’t have options if something gets wrong. You know, when driving, you can stop the car and get off if you want, but you don’t have such option when the plain is in the air. You’re stuck in your chair too, not much space to move or do whatever you want.
– It looks to me that you have an attachment to being in control, to be in charge. Do you like to be in control in other aspects of your life too, or just when you’re flying?
– Yes I do, that’s what my boyfriends says too. I never thought about linking these two before.
– Usually, when we have an attachment to something, it shows up in different aspects of our life, not just in one.
– Hmmm, you made me think. 
– I’ll take a step further. I invite you to work on your attachment of being in control, to see how you can overcome it in one area … and watch if it fades away in other areas as well.
– I will, thanks!
We continued a few more minutes, and then I left with my questions answered, my airplane ticket… and happy that I’ve learned how to enjoy chitchatting by switching my coaching “hat” on. 🙂 Leaving someone with a new insight about herself, and how it could improve her life was a welcomed bonus.

Do you enjoy chitchatting?
If you do, what do you get out of it? 
If not, how can you use one of your skills/ strength to learn something from that situation? 

Please comment below, looking forward to read it.
Best, Gabriela  


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