Affluent Artist Group

Gabriela is one of the founders of the Affluent Artist Group , a collaboration of visual artists, creative entrepreneurs, teachers and coaches, who come together to enrich lives through the celebration of the arts.

What other founders say about Gabriela:

  • Two hearts, Kiernan AntaresKiernan Antares – Visionary Artist, Poet, Teacher:
    “Gabriela is an incredibly talented and multi-faceted woman. Wearing many hats, she moves with ease between being a systems designer coach, an artist entrepreneur, as a photographer and designer, and more recently as a coach for creative people and doing them all brilliantly, I might add.
    She has a gentle spirit, warm heart, and a quick mind. I am in awe of Gabriela’s ability to pluck ideas out of the cosmos and to find ingenious ways to implement them — as a coach and artist this is an invaluable asset and anyone considering doing business with this woman will receive more than their money’s worth. She is equally gifted in being centred in her own authentic self and truth, which is her compass in both her life and career. Did I mention she makes everything she does seem natural and effortless? I am excited our paths have crossed and look forward to our future endeavors.”
  • Dream house, Felicia WeinsteinFelicia Weinstein – Interior Designer, Feng Shui Specialist, Artist:
    “When thinking about Gabriela I see several people, all in one!
    She is outgoing and always very motivated; a positive and very creative thinker. She approaches every challenge with an outstanding positive attitude and with an open mind.
    Her artistic creations excel in several fields. She projects her creativity onto her photography that is brought to life with a story, perhaps a life experience. Her other passion is creating wearable art as outstanding and intricate pieces of jewelry. I admire her talents and how she applies her creativity. Love her work. Love her ideas.
    Gabriela also has a very powerful logical side: she is an outstanding business coach, an unbelievably resourceful thinker and connector. She can see the opportunities, abilities, skills, connections and relationships among different facets of our professions, which sometimes are in front of our eyes as ‘invisible’ and which multiply the options for success. She is a powerful guide that leads the entrepreneur’s thinking process gently and purposefully through a tunnel into a vast field of light….and it is wonderful to stand beside her under that ‘light’.
    Take just a few people, a tiny pearl of an idea, group inspiration and motivation and Gabriela weaves a world of possibilities that everyone embraces and a passion and work together to accomplish. Hence, here we are, with a great project that we all love….The Affluent Artist Group.”
  • Turmoil, Valentina MezeiValentina Mezei – Stone Sculptor:
    “Gabriela is a most unusual woman, she’s a go-getter in the achievement sense of the word, but not only is she a go-getter, she’s got actual ideas to back up her drive. Currently she’s got a career going in creating fine wearable art jewelry and a parallel one in photography, as well as coaching. Yet she manages to keep up with those two careers and still finds time to assist her Affluent Artists partners, whether it’s coaching on how to manage their technical lives or how to proceed to build up their individual careers she seems to do it all.
    Gabriela also has figured out how to speak her mind forthrightly and make it sound completely helpful; it’s an art form all on its own. She’s got so many wonderful ideas swirling in her head all the time that we are barely able to keep up. I know that right now the ‘puzzle pieces’ are being set up but I anticipate that soon the money flow will begin and all the hard work will have paid off.
    She’s become invaluable to us in the group, as a friend, as a coach, as an advisor, she’s a GO TO partner and we appreciate all of her contributions and assistance. I’m glad to have met her and become friends and working associates. I look forward to a long and prosperous connection to Gabriela.”