Business Coaching

felicia-weinstein-portrait-square“When thinking about Gabriela I see several people, all in one!
She is outgoing and always very motivated; a positive and very creative thinker. She approaches every challenge with an outstanding positive attitude and with an open mind.
Gabriela also has a very powerful logical side: she is an outstanding business coach, an unbelievably resourceful thinker and connector. She can see the opportunities, abilities, skills, connections and relationships among different facets of our professions, which sometimes are in front of our eyes as ‘invisible’ and which multiply the options for success. She is a powerful guide that leads the thinking process gently and purposefully through a tunnel into a vast field of light … and it is wonderful to stand beside her under that ‘light’.
Take just a few people, a tiny pearl of an idea, group inspiration and motivation and Gabriela weaves a world of possibilities that everyone embraces and a passion and work together to accomplish.”
Felicia Weinstein, Interior Designer

“A coaching session with Gabriela it is the most amazing thing that can happen to you. Gabriela’s questions and suggestions help you discover in your life, career or in your business small/big stuff, real diamonds you never thought they might exist. Gabriela points them all, they are all yours, and next to you covered under a layer of dust. In a very kindly way Gabriela talks to you about possible plans for you to grow. You should just ask her! Thank you Gabriela!”
Dan Micu, Registered Acupuncturist and Traditional Medicine Practitioner

“Gabriela is one of the most energetic and creative people I have experienced at RBNS and in my networking group. She is able to listen to the business needs of members and easily partner with them to provide the best solution. She is expert at demonstrations but more importantly, Gabriela is able to manage time, complex portfolios, and difficult situations with ease. Gabriela is flexible, energetic and has a positive attitude as well as her dedication to get the task done.”
Viorel Rusu, Real Estate Sales Representative

“I would like to thank you for the coaching session we have just completed and recommend you to others based on my experiences. There were a number of different things that impressed me about our session. We spent a 1/2 hour discussing an issue that I struggle almost daily with. Through your insightful questions and comments I was able to see how it connects to another issue I have been struggling with. Until we had our session, I never realized that the two were inter-connected. We concluded the session with some specific actions to take over the next week, which – if I do them – could help resolve the issue and create a new habit so that the problem may be reduced. We accomplished a significant amount in a short time, and much of this was because you were able to politely, but firmly, maintain a forward momentum in the conversation while keeping non-essentials out of the discussion.”
Zale Tabakman

“Gabriela, I want to thank you for your guidance and support in a very difficult time in my life. Your expert coaching, exercises, booklet and other related tools unstuck me – helping me to realize my true potential and talents and move forward. I’m now more focused, determined and confident about who I am, what is and is no longer important to me, what I want to achieve in my life and why. I feel well equipped to deal with anything that comes my way and ready to take it on!”
Janette Burke, Marketing/PR coach

“Gabriela is a very good business coach. Working with her is fun, and sometimes surprising because you don’t know what kind of questions she is going to ask you. But be ready to be challenged in a positive way, be ready to go deep within you to know what you really want. She will drive you there with focus and accountability in mind.
Before I met Gabriela I thought I had it all together until she showed me the picture of my life so far. I realized that there was something missing. It was impressive the way she showed it to me in a simple way, and I got it right away. Something had to change. Later, I sat down with her, and in less than 30 minutes we came up with a game plan, and since then I am all excited about it. I know that the picture won’t be the same. Thanks again Gabriela!”

Patrick Bizindavyi, Business Owner and Motivational Speaker

“I have always had many ideas, few actions. Now I find myself more structured, organized and active fulfilling my commitments to you. I feel I am moving forward.”
Estela Sasson, CTI Life Coach

“Gabriela, thanks for spending time with me to give me some ideas about developing my coaching business. The questions you asked me gave me so much to consider in defining who I am as a coach and what direction I would like to go in. I love your style!”
Kim Brinkley, Harmonic Wealth ® Coach