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Feeling overwhelmed?

We feel overwhelmed when we think there’s too much on our “plate” to handle, and we stress about it. Most of the time this is just a perception, caused by receiving too much information at once (or in a short time) and/ … Continue reading

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Toastmasters and Coaching share similar concepts?!

I’ve already shared the first reason why I’ve created a new Toastmasters club in Toronto: to enhance my public speaking skills in an environment where people speak a second language (or more). I felt that need back in July 2011, … Continue reading

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You don’t have to go too far …

I took five days off this week, for a vacation in .. Toronto! I felt very tired lately, plus I didn’t allow myself a real vacation since I came to Canada (6.5 years ago). I’ve spent all my vacation days … Continue reading

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