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Freedom of expression

The I am Charlie movement captured recently the media attention, and many manifestations of protest and sympathy were organized in Toronto and around the world. This made me question the concept “Freedom of expression”. In my opinion, everything we do or … Continue reading

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Example of a System Coaching session

I am aware that not too many people experienced a system oriented coaching session, or System Coaching (as I like to name it). If you are curious about how such a session looks like, and what could be the benefits … Continue reading

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If you can’t find it, create it!

I adopted this strategy some time ago: if I look for something that I’d like or want, and I can’t find it easily, I create it! It works pretty well for me, whether it’s about clothes, jewellery or a group … Continue reading

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9 ways of finding groups you’re interested in

“How can I find groups of people with same interests as mine in Toronto?”, O. S. asked me today. “You are an expert in groups” she continued, “since you already organized some”. Thanks for having the courage to ask, O.S. … Continue reading

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