BMOPI Consulting

Drawing on her vast experience, her depth of knowledge, and her nimble wit, Gabriela’s consulting services provide Business Management and Online Presence Integration (BMOPI) that highlights your company’s strengths and responds to your company needs.
Her “toolbox” is filled with system oriented thinking, vast experience in Coaching, Engineering, IT, Quality Assurance, Program Design/ Implementation, Marketing/ Social Media, experience with both profit sector (including small business) and non-profit, and she holds an MBA.
Her ability to combine many skills and concepts will help you understand the interconnections between management, marketing, operations, and your company’s Internet presence (website, social media, e-newsletter, videos, online surveys, …), and how they could enhance each other. If you prefer, her artistic eye will add some flare to your company’s online presence.

Depending on what stage your company is in, it faces different challenges. Gabriela’s powerful questions will help you identify the root of the problems and possible options, so you can make wiser decisions.

And most important: she will motivate and help your staff align toward your short and long term goals!