“Using Social Media for Business Growth”

This e-book is a great source of information for small business owners who want to leverage their busy time by using social media websites.
Gabriela designed and delivered successful workshops about “Using Social Media for Business Growth” and “Using Social Media for Job Search” since 2009. With this e-book, you will get:
• Useful tips and strategies to cut your learning curve
• How to overcome your barriers like “I don’t have time”, “I don’t know which one is best for me”, “I am afraid of…”
• More details than she covers in her workshops!

With her engineering background and coaching skills, Gabriela will skilfully guide you though the “why” and “how” of Social media she’s familiar with – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, blog (WordPress), e-newsletter (Ymlp) – and the benefits for your business.

She has more than 1400 LinkedIn connections, 400+ facebook friends and facebook page. Noticing the growing interest in social media, Gabriela decided to share her experience in using Social media websites for her own Coaching business, by writing this e-book.

Some testimonials about Gabriela’s e-book and workshops on social media:

“I recently bought Gabriela’s E-book entitled “Using Social Media for Business Growth” and found this small book to invaluable in getting me started with other social media outlets, such as networking and blogging. The book helped me to overcome my fears and see the worth in using social media to grow my business and attract new customers. I highly recommend buying this E-book – it will dispel myths and help you overcome any objections and fears you might have when it comes to using social media.”
Amina Mohamed – Owner, www.flair4homestaging.com

“I found the session excellent, because it tights together information about the most important social media websites. Even more, Gabriela gave us tips and strategies that make us gain a lot of precious time. Bravo et merci.”
Natasha Wauthion – International Trained Lawyer, compassboussole.net

“I was more than impressed by Gabriela’s presentation “Using Social Media for Success”. Despite the many tips and tricks on how to better use the available tools, Gabriela also works with a twisting approach: it starts with YOU (or in this case, me)! In few words, she can talk about the best practices, tools and share some incredible under the hood secrets, but there is not a magic formula. If there’s no YOU, and YOUR objectives, there will be no YOU at the message. But don’t be scared, she can help you with that, too!”
Beto Faria – Multi-channel Strategist, Marketing, www.robertofaria.com

“Broad topics, lots of information, notes to take home. I liked your knowledge and willingness to answer questions.”
Lynda Wise – Weight Loss Coach, www.wisecoaching.ca

“Gabriela provided our group with great insights, strategies and examples on how to build our brand and develop our business through social media.”
Corey Atkinson – Meet For Biz Director, www.dimensionsofleadership.com

“Using Social Media for Business Growth” (e-book)
Price: $10

To buy this e-book, send an email to ThoughsDesigner11@gmail.com