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Gabriela Casineanu is a Renaissance woman, with a broad experience and knowledge in Coaching (individuals, teams), Program Coordination, Training, Workshop Design and Facilitation, Marketing & Communication (including social media), Engineering, Business, Quality Assurance, IT programming and Arts.
What she enjoys the most is to creatively combine her skills and expertise to better serve clients, based on their specific needs and situation. She is fluent in English, French, and Romanian.

Beginning: Gabriela is an intuitive and creative introvert, who developed her logical side at an early age, embracing first a technical profession: Electronics Engineering. By not following her natural path, she did not get satisfaction from working in the technical field (Engineering, IT, HW Quality Assurance), even the managers always appreciated her work. Obtaining a Master in Business Administration helped broaden her understanding of the opportunities for improvement in any organisation, and became interested in re-engineering.

Career change: The turning point in Gabriela’s career came from changing perspectives in 2003, after she immigrated to Canada from Romania. Instead of looking to what’s available outside, she start looking inward, paying attention to her intuition: What does she really want? What skills will she enjoy using in her career? What’s really important to her? She pondered these questions for three years, while focusing on her integration into the Canadian life. In 2006, the answers led her to explore a new career, Coaching, and she totally fell in love with it! In February 2007 Gabriela quit the engineering position in Quality Assurance to fully embark on her new career, with no regrets!

Coaching training: Gabriela was trained by two prestigious coaching training institutions from USA. She started her coaching training with the Co-active Coaching Program of the Coaches Training Institute (CTI®) – the largest in-person coach training school in the world. She was certified (ACC) by the International Coach Federation (ICF) in 2008, and she continued with an advanced coaching program: Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC™) by the CRR Global – the only ICF accredited relationships system coaching training program. 

Life challenges: From her life challenges (divorce, single parent, immigration, career change), Gabriela learned how to successfully deal with changes and challenges.
James Arthur Ray’s workshops helped her gain more confidence and increased awareness of the connection between the mind, body, spiritual and material world. The powerful experiences from these workshops, along with the powerful experiences from the Egypt trip (2008), accelerated her spiritual awakening.

Business: Gabriela started her coaching business in 2006, with the intention of becoming co-creators of a wonderful future. Believing that such future exists, motivates us to focus together on building it!
In parallel with her own business, she designed and implemented a successful Mentoring Program at Centre Francophone de Toronto (for francophone professional newcomers), based on Life and Relationship System Coaching concepts and techniques.

Client list: Check out the organisations that benefited from Gabriela’s coaching and workshops, beside the individual clients.

Affiliations: International Coach Federation, Institute of Performance and LearningLe Laboratoire d’Art.

Community: Gabriela likes to give back to the community. She initiated and organizes the Introverts from inside-out Meetup, was BOD member of Le Laboratoire d’Art, delivered many free workshops and motivational speeches for clients of non-profit organisations, founded the first bilingual English-French Toastmasters Club in Toronto, mentored newcomers through TRIEC Mentoring Partnership Program, was the president of Romanian Business Networking Society (asked to continue with for 2nd mandate), and was PIN leader & member of Advisory Committee for TRIEC Professional Immigrant Networks, initiated and organised the Artist as Entrepreneurs Meetup, led the Active JET Toronto group, participated in United Way CN Tower Climb/ Fundraising, and fed homeless people on Canada Day.

Media and news: Gabriela was featured in media and her articles were published in newsletters. Check out the Media and News sections.

Artististic expressions: After applying coaching to herself, Gabriela’s creativity increased as a byproduct. Since 2011 she allowed her artistic side to freely unfold, becoming a juried artist and grant recipient of Ontario Arts Council, having solo and group exhibitions, and participating at various art shows. You can find more about her artistic expressions at

Hobbies: Besides empowering people, Gabriela is passionate about nature, hiking, skiing, arts and the Holographic Universe concept.