ACASA (weekly Romanian-Canadian newspaper) published an interview with Gabriela in the February 24, 2012 edition (page 17) – reporter Victoria Bularda, Founder and President of the organisation “Women of Success”.
• Gabriela’s name was mentioned in two consecutive editions of L’Express de Toronto (weekly francophone newspaper).
The February 14, 2012 edition published Annik Chalifour’s article on the TRIEC’s initiative Professional Immigrant Networks (PINs), based on the interview with Gabriela during the launching event for the new PINs website, at the Toronto Board of Trade (February 9, 2012). Read here…
• Lyne-Françoise Pelletier from “Tam Tam” – Radio Canada International (RCI) talked about the new website of TRIEC’s initiative Professional Immigrant Networks (PINs), and incorporated parts of the interview in French with Gabriela. Segment aired on February 14, 2012. Listen here…
She also interviewed Gabriela in English, on the same topic, for “The Link” – Radio Canada International. This segment will be aired at a later date.
• Gabriela’s article “7 Strategies To State Your Boundaries About Your Ex”, posted on the well known website (52,881 facebook page fans, millions clicks on website), was featured on their home page the next day, February 8, 2012. Read here…
• The Charter Celebration of the first English-French Toastmasters Club in Toronto, founded by Gabriela on August 2011, got the press attention.
Article in L’Express de Toronto (weekly francophone newspaper) on February 7, 2012, written by Amandine Sanial: “Pari réussi pour le club Toastmasters bilingue de Toronto”
• Two interviews in Romanian with Gabriela Casineanu:
FEMEI IN AFACERI: business la feminin (published on September 9, 2010) Comunitatea femeilor exceptionale (published on January 18, 2008)
• December 2010 edition of Jobs & Carrières Info magazine of Bilingual Link published an article about the French version of Gabriela’s workshop How our own thoughts affect the job search results.
Read article “Faire de notre mentalité un atout pour trouver un emploi!”, by Florence Danner
TFO (French TV in Ontario) broadcasted a 6 min. video (in French) on 31st May 2010 on “Qualité de vie: Coaching, vrai besoin ou mode passagère?” .
It contains the opinions about coaching of a Sociology professor, Gabriela Casineanu and one of her clients (Lise, in blue) and parts of Gabriela’s workshop “How your thoughts affect your own life” (delivered in Sep. 2009). The segment was broadcasted several times since, by TFO and other French TV channels from Canada.
• Between July and December 2010, Gabriela Casineanu’s articles were published in the biweekly Romanian-Canadian newspaper ACASA.

Some of the articles published (Romanian):

Intentie si asteptare, care-i diferenta? Cariera in Canada
Coaching? Da’ de ce, care-i problema? Sa ma implic sau nu?!
Cum am putea preveni depresia? Hai să vorbim despre tine!
Cercul vicios Hai să vorbim şi despre mine!
• The special edition March 2010 of Jobs & Carrières Info, monthly magazine edited by Bilingual Link, presented Gabriela between the 100 Femmes de Carrières Francophones Immigrantes en Ontario. She was nominated by the Ontario French Community members in both 2010 and 2011. Read more… (click on image to enlarge)
• Get ready, you never know when a reporter asks for your opinion about a new decision of the Canadian Federal Government! 🙂 In Gabriela’s case, it was about the delay in recognition of the immigrants diplomas for certain professions. Squeezed between the news about the new Sales Tax and the Driving Instructors’ Strike, here she is… on the TFO news, November 30, 2009. Her interview begins at 1:30. (TFO is the French TV in Ontario).