Meeting with Yourself

Fits IN a box, and facilitate OUT of the box thinking!

Do you feel stressed, frustrated or need to generate new ideas?

This self-coaching tool is meant to inspire individuals to take control of their lives instead of letting every day go by without action.
This Photo-Coaching Album will motivate you, and provide the stimulus needed to find a solution time and time again. Or is simply a reminder of what is important in your life!
It contains instructions, 38 photo-coaching cards, and 40 blank cards for jotting down the ideas that come up during the photo-coaching process.

The Photo-Coaching Album “Meeting with Yourself” is built around the idea that visualization is one of the most powerful tools available to the human psyche. As such, it combines Gabriela’s meaningful photographs with powerful coaching questions that ask the user to think, feel and inspire to take the right action.

It also could make the perfect gift for someone you care!

mmmmmmmPrice: $40

What people say about the Photo-Coaching Album “Meeting with Yourself”:

“Photo-Coaching album helped me to stop whirling around in circles, and to create a map of where I want my life to go.” Amy Leclercq Read more “I did what I was supposed to… Yet, why was I so dissatisfied? That picture just stood out compared to the rest.” Irina P. Read more
“Wow, it’s incredible what came to the surface!!!” Lise Fillion Read more “… helped me to regain my hope!” Natasha Wauthion Read more


The photo-coaching album “Navigating the Relationship Landscape” is also available, and more albums to come.

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