Navigating the Relationship Landscape

Fits in a box, and facilitates relationships building!

This new photo-coaching album was created as a combination of visual, auditive and kinesthetic methods that creates the most powerful learning process to human psyche. As such, it combines Gabriela’s meaningful photographs with powerful coaching questions, and inspires you to take action. Without actions, the desired outcomes might not occur. Navigating the Relationship Ladscape
Whether you think about a personal or professional relationship, this product will help you discover what needs to happen to improve your relationship(s), and the actions required from your part. Yes, by taking certain actions we can improve our relationships, instead of waiting for the “partner” to make the first step!

“Navigating the Relationship Landscape” was created as a self-coaching tool, based on Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching concepts. By using it, it could inspire you to create the safe and healthy environment that fosters the relationship growth!
While some photographs and content might make you think that it’s about personal relationships, don’t get disappointed! The same concepts apply to any relationship, whether you consider your relationship’s “partner” your boss, mother in law, your child, friend or someone else.

What’s in the box?
– 40 photo-coaching cards
– post-it notes to write your ideas and actions
– instructions
– definitions of Systems Coaching terms used

What price would you put on having great relationships?

This product will help you improve your relationships with only $50!

With the purchase of this photo-coaching album, you will also get a BONUS:
One hour from Gabriela’s time to answer your questions or a coaching session!
(value more than $100)

Your friends and enemies might also want to improve their relationships with you… so please spread the news or make this album a gift! 🙂

What people say about this product

Just received it!!! WOW! Love the packaging, the presentation, the thought you put into every aspect of this. Even the post-it notes underneath. You’ve thought of everything [:)] I just finished going through the cards to read the messages and see the images – mmmmm, such delight and discovery! I can already see ways to work with these cards in my own personal life as well as with clients. Thank you, thank you!”
Julie Wise,
Motivational Coach and Mentor

Participants at the product launch event May 15, 2012:

“The presentation was great and your pictures were very suggestive. Congratulations!
What impressed me were the number of topics/issues/aspects that make up a relationship.” Lacramioara F.

“The idea of your mysterious boxes is excellent. I believe you always have such great taste and know exactly what to do to help your clients. This event was “WOW” experience for the audience. You know many ways to visualise peace of mind and make people laugh. I love it. The best idea about relationship that I am willing to follow up with is about celebration of all successes, even small ones.” Alex Belyakov, PhD

“I love the slides. They are so perfectly matched to the coaching questions. It shows how much thought and work you have put into it, and the combination brings more life to the question. Some questions have stayed in my mind because of the attached picture. And also, the feeling of peacefulness and beauty the pictures provoke in us is priceless. It was like taking a short road trip… The presentation was very inspiring and gives a feeling of hope that we can overcome our interpersonal challenges. By the way, I loved that you had written in the invite that we should bring friends and enemies. Very thought provoking.” Rita Czarny, Family Mediator

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“Navigating the Relationship Landscape” is part of a series of photo-coaching albums designed and created by Gabriela Casineanu, Thoughts Designer. We suggest you explore also the photo-coaching album Meeting With Yourself, which inspires individuals to take control of their lives, instead of letting every day go by without action. It focuses on personal development, and provides a stimulus needed to find solutions and inspiration time and time again.