Soft Skills Coaching

Would you like more happiness and success into your life? Or improve your soft skills to advance your career? Let Gabriela help you!

There are some internal factors that are blocking us, whether we are or not aware of them. Most of them built up in our childhood: strong emotions caused by certain situations we’ve been through or beliefs imposed by people around us. Some of them were useful at that point, but as adults they might not serve us anymore!
Have you reacted lately to a situation like you were on autopilot, showing strong emotions for something that shouldn’t cause such a strong reaction? These emotions were hidden in your unconscious mind since your childhood, and are showing up automatically in certain conditions.
And this how Soft Skills Coaching can help: removing limiting beliefs and releasing those emotions to set you free to continue your life more joyfully and successfully! (however you define “success” for yourself)

If you go through the “Individual Coaching” testimonials, you might notice that some of the situations people went through have nothing in common. Yet, Gabriela was able to help them.

What’s the common thread?

Gabriela’s thoughts designing process! She helps her clients to identify their beliefs that don’t serve them anymore (limiting beliefs), that act like roadblocks on their path to more success and happiness. Then she skillfully guides the clients toward removing and replace their limiting beliefs with more empowering ones.

The process is not bounded to a specific situation: through powerful coaching questions, and by using her intuition, Gabriela is able to help clients that come from different walks of life and who face different challenges.
During this process, most often old emotions (fear, anger, etc.) pop up to the “surface”. With a compassionate presence, Gabriela is able to guide the client on how to let them go… setting them free.
Brainstorming, finding motivation, getting inspired, taking charge of the situation and accountability… are also part of the coaching sessions.

When you get rid of your limiting beliefs and old emotions, you will get access more easily to the messages that come through your own intuition. They are enough to guide you to what is needed to achieve what you want*, and motivate you to take the right actions to get there… without needing a coach anymore.

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*Just keep in mind that what you want should allow the progress of the entire world (not just what’s good for yourself). If not, it could come back to you, like a boomerang.


Factors that affect our results

The “Conscious Mind” (CM) is our rational mind, which is able to analyze information based on our own thoughts and information received from outside. It also can give commands to the “Unconscious Mind” (UM), that allows the different movements of our body. When we want to drink water, for example, the CM sends a command to the UM, which will carry on the appropriate commands to all the muscles involved in grabbing the glass and drinking the water. We are not aware of all the muscle movements involved in this action, it happens at an unconscious level.
The UM stores also all the limiting beliefs we formed over the years from experiences that emotionally affected us. For example, if you were a child experiencing a strong emotion (fear), while being approached by a barking dog, you might develop a belief that all dogs are dangerous creatures and avoid them. Some of these beliefs formed at an early age could actually limit us when we are adults; we will avoid any similar situation without being aware that in fact some situations might be good for us now.
Continuing the example above, even as an adult you will avoid people with dogs. What if one of them has important information that you need and will? Or imagine what life would you have if, at an early age, you were taught by your parents that it’s not good to ask for what you want. You will grow as an adult that holds that limiting belief and struggle to do all by yourself, not even knowing how useful it is for yourself and others to open up, to reach out and ask!
The limiting beliefs and old emotions will block the flow of inspiration and insights received by UM from the Inspiration Source; we will not become aware of them (at conscious level) and will not be able to function to our true potential. Without inspiration, our CM will rely only on outside information (from books, news, training, other people, etc.); we’ll rely on “something” outside us to guide us or hand over the happiness and success we are longing for.
The results we get, depends not only on the actions we take, but also on how we perform them! Doing something without enthusiasm, without believing that we can achieve the results we want will not get the desired effect. For example: looking for a better position, but believing that none is available (limiting belief!) since the economy is low, will make you have less enthusiasm while job searching. While you have this state of mind, talking with people will give them less favourable first impression… they might think that you lack confidence in your abilities o you’re not good enough for what you’re looking for. You don’t have information about all the companies, so why assuming that no position is available?!

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