Individual Coaching

“Your coaching made me more aware of my positive side, which was buried underneath the negative side of myself that society built up. It helped me to accomplish some of my artistic dreams, to trust myself more, to be more confident around people. Now I feel at ease in job interviews, and I’m able to reveal the real me. I became the Raw Roland, instead of Jpeg Roland.”
Roland Isai, Mechanical Engineer, Artist

“The process has greatly increased my self-confidence and understanding of my strengths on both sides: personal and professional. Getting coached on one point in one’s life is one of the best decisions anyone can ever make! It’s a tool that helps one in any aspect of life.”
Daniela F., ESL Teacher


“One of the greatest moments in my life was the chance to meet Gabriela. Her inspiration, motivation, encouragement and support helped me to be accountable to myself exactly when I needed. With her professional, gentle but firm attitude, I’ve perceived a stronger clarity in my life purpose, learned things about myself that I didn’t know, become kind to myself and find a true commitment to creating my own opportunities in order to lead a more fulfilling life. Thanks again Coach Gabriela.”
Mirela Caraiman, Grafic/Web Designer

“One hour coaching session with you was enough to bring unexpected changes in my life, in the following two days. My life was monotone, I wanted some changes. But after our session, and all the work on myself you have facilitated, my life was transformed in a festival of news! Now, my problem is how to slow down or deal with this! Really incredible, you are a magician!!! 1000 Thanks!”
Maimouna Keita

“Coaching! I didn’t believe that I would ever need it. I always considered myself a balanced person, who knew what she wanted and trusted herself. This was until I was asked for a sample session. That moment changed my life completely. I was stunned to discover that my self-esteem was in time shattered by the negativities that surround me. It was still there, but not at the level I’d like it to be. I wasn’t aware of these negativities and I didn’t realize their impact on me. And who knows since when it lies there, hidden in a corner of my soul. Step by step, every coaching session increased my self-esteem, brought me the inner peace and answers to many problems. Frankly, I could say that I rediscovered myself, the one I used to be: enthusiastic and full of energy! Deft questions asked from heart and with talent helped me to discover for myself the answers for each situation. Thanks Gabriela!”
Monica Brostean, Mechanical Engineer

“I suffered for years of agoraphobia (fear of open spaces) and consulted physiologists, but none helped me out… What happened in the 30 minutes session with Gabriela last evening it’s hard to believe, but true: she helped me reach a state of calmness and peace that no physiologists did.”

“I believe that Gabriela’s very smart way of asking questions helped me to better know and understand myself and in all cases led to opening my eyes to see the real cause of my perceived issue. The co-active coaching style made me understand that the solution lays in me, but sometimes I just don’t see it. And once you have the solution, you’re willing to put the effort and nothing could stop you changing your life for the better. Coaching offered me the peace of mind once I’ve got all the answers I was looking for.”
Mianda G., SW Quality Assurance Specialist


“Being coached by Gabriela was a fun and very useful experience. She had a very quick understanding of my needs and expectations, and gave me various tools I’ve used to improve my organization skills. This session helped me work in a more efficient way, establish strategies and plan step by step what had to be done. I’m still using those tools for my new projects, but also in everyday life for a better management of my time and better results.”
S.Choisy, artist

“It is amazing how Gabriela, through her ingenious combination of coaching methods, guided me patiently and wisely to blowing up my limiting beliefs and leading to the biggest discovery of my life: the awareness of my inner force and its unlimited potential. Previously I was seeing life as being hard, but thanks to her mastery, my perspective shifted: I find it now as an incredibly exciting and enjoyable journey. I consider myself fortunate for the moment when our destinies crossed and grateful for every moment we have spent together. Thank you, coach!”
Mihaela Fecioru, HR Specialist

“We had a wonderful coaching session and you’ve pointed me in directions that are extremely valuable. I really appreciate your help and I continue to believe that what you do worth every penny!”
Raz Van Constantine, Filmmaker

“You are not only a life coach, you are a lifesaver, same as the candies. (lol) You know the lifesaver’s candy? It could be used to repair a flat tire too, to help you continue…”
Lise Fillion, Denturist (from single to getting married after being coached)

“Two years ago I was in the state when I did not want to do anything, but to have a job and work. It was the moment when Gabriela’s life coaching started to change my life. In few sessions she convinced me to get out of the comfort zone and discover the real life, to discover the real me. The most amazing thing that she did was a group exercise in which I was told to be more outspoken, to be the opposite of my character, and… I am still playing that role since. Well, that was my missing part. I feel now that I am at a very advanced level with what I am achieving in my life. You are really amazing.
Thank you Gabriela! I am so grateful to you.”

Gervend Bajan

“Gabriela is proactive, she has a business mind and a great way to communicate with a lot of people, to touch them professionally and personally. She always sees opportunities for growth, to realize the objectives. She likes to share what she knows, and makes a difference in people lives.”
Josee-Anne Roy, Employment Counselor

You were there in my life when I needed you and your methods the most. You gave me the perspective and asked the questions that helped me clear up and crystallize the relationships around me, but especially with myself.
I don’t know if you can call it testimonial, but… your life became coaching! 🙂
Every discussion we have turns into a “coaching session” that reveals another perspective about my own internal blockages. Last evening I was impressed by how easy the “method” infiltrated into the dialog. Your warm and compassionate answer helped me to put aside the shielded protection and allowed myself to be guided by my feelings, until the fear blocked me again.
How can I resume in a few words my 7 years relationship with you?
I should establish a Point O, before and after, but I cannot because both of us grew during this time. I know you since your period of searching, and blockages… than noticed how you overcame, little by little, the frustrations of half understood truth… practicing your coaching methods … to retrieve you calm and balanced later, having the methods part of who you are. Because you don’t just talk about them, you became what you preach!
You was there in my life when I needed you and your methods the most. You gave me the perspective and asked the questions that helped me clear up and crystallize the relationships around me, but especially with myself.
Through you I’ve got access to books and knowledge that I didn’t even know that exist.
My life with the ups and especially the downs is imbued with your presence. I don’t know it would be without you… but I know that I am blessed that I could have you beside me, especially the one that you became, that I met last evening.”

Iuliana Barhad