Photo-Coaching Albums: testimonials

“Meeting With Yourself”
“Navigating the Relationships Landscape”

Photo-Coaching Album “Meeting With Yourself”

“I first used Gabriela’s photo-coaching album when I had lost my job due to the down turn in the economy. At first I just felt better about myself when watching it. Then as I made it a daily practice to watch it, and my intention becoming clearer, I began to change the way I thought about my circumstances. Instead of grieve, I began to think of the possibilities.
I realized I was limiting myself and I have so much more to offer. By viewing it daily it helped me to shed the bits of information from others who were trying to “help”, but their ideas where not in line with my vision for myself. Without having a clear intention each day, all my tasks seemed huge and overwhelming. Now I can focus and accomplish my smaller steps realizing how they are bringing me closer to my goal. Photo-Coaching helped me to stop whirling around in circles and to create a map of where I want my life to go.“
Amy Leclercq
« I really like the picture of the two roads: one empty, and the other crowded with people. Before starting my own business, I was very displeased with my corporate job. Yet, I couldn’t fault my upbringing because I did what I was supposed to: go to school, get good grades, and get a good job.
Yet, why was I so dissatisfied? That picture just stood out compared to the rest. My whole life I’ve been taking the same road as everyone else, while the empty road seemed so inviting, so relaxing, so liberating. All of my unhappiness melted away, and I knew which road I had to choose to be happy. Now, regardless of the difficulties I face and the steep learning curves, all I need to do for motivation is to remember where I was… and where I want to be. Thanks for the album!!! »
Irina P.
“I used this weekend your photo – coaching album. Wow, it’s incredible what came to the surface!!!
I jot down a lot of answers, and my intention begins to take form. It’s fantastic! Thanks again!”
Lise Fillion
“The card about the epitaph helped me realize that I was in full transition and transformation, and that there are two parts of my life: the first one full of struggles and the second one more serene… which helped me to regain my hope!”
Natasha Wauthion
“Interesting and somehow impressive was Gabriela’s presentation based on the Photo-Coaching Album. This contrast between visible and invisible, the image background and words, material image compared to its energetic meaning. This IN and YANG, so to say, transferred into thinking and translated as real by your inner guide, that inner sacred light that guides the every human being. Bravo Gabriela, you are able to distinguish this light. What are you doing proves it!”
Sandu Napa


Photo-Coaching Album “Navigating the Relationships Landscape”(NRL)

“Just received it!!! WOW! Love the packaging, the presentation, the thought you put into every aspect of this. Even the post-it notes underneath. You’ve thought of everything! I just finished going through the cards to read the messages and see the images – mmmmm, such delight and discovery! I can already see ways to work with these cards in my own personal life as well as with clients. Thank you, thank you!“ Julie Wise, Motivational Coach and Mentor Participants to the workshop “Navigating the Relationship Landscape – overview”, based on the photo-coaching album with the same name:

  • “Some thoughts I have got more organised in my mind. Some new ideas on how to work on myself and building the relationship.”
  • “Excellent! A different perspective of a relationship and a new way to deal with problems in a relationship.”

Participants at the product launch event May 15, 2012 (the NRL cards were presented as a SlideShow):

  • “The presentation was great and your pictures were very suggestive. Congratulations!
    What impressed me were the number of topics/issues/aspects that make up a relationship.” Lacramioara F.
  • “The idea of your mysterious boxes is excellent. I believe you always have such great taste and know exactly what to do to help your clients. This event was “WOW” experience for the audience. You know many ways to visualise peace of mind and make people laugh. I love it. The best idea about relationship that I am willing to follow up with is about celebration of all successes, even small ones.” Alex Belyakov, PhD
  • “I love the slides. They are so perfectly matched to the coaching questions. It shows how much thought and work you have put into it, and the combination brings more life to the question. Some questions have stayed in my mind because of the attached picture. And also, the feeling of peacefulness and beauty the pictures provoked in us is priceless. It was like taking a short road trip… The presentation was very inspiring and gives a feeling of hope that we can overcome our interpersonal challenges. By the way, I loved that you had written in the invite that we should bring friends and enemies. Very thought provoking.” Rita Czarny, Family Mediator