Photo-Coaching Albums
These self-coaching tools are meant to inspire individuals to take control of their lives instead of letting every day go by without action. Whether you’re feeling stressed, frustrated, or need to generate new ideas, these albums will provide the stimulus needed to find a solution time and time again.
These albums combine Gabriela’s meaningful photographs with powerful coaching questions that ask the user to think, feel and take the right actions.

The photo-coaching albums could make the perfect gift for someone you care!

“Meeting with Yourself”
“Navigating the Relationship Landscape”


“Using Social Media for Business Growth”

This e-book (PDF format) is based on Gabriela’s experience in using social media in the last five years, for herself and her coaching business. They also help to overcome the barriers like those voiced by many participants in her workshops about social media: “I don’t have time”, “I don’t know which one is best for me”, “I am afraid of…”, etc.

“I recently bought Gabriela’s E-book entitled “Using Social Media for Business Growth” and found this small book to invaluable in getting me started with other social media outlets, such as networking and blogging. The book helped me to overcome my fears and see the worth in using social media to grow my business and attract new customers. I highly recommend buying this E-book – it will dispel myths and help you overcome any objections and fears you might have when it comes to using social media.”
Amina Mohamed, Owner, Flair 4 Home Staging

What people say about Gabriela’s presentations and workshops about social media:
“Using Social Media for Business Growth”
“Using Social Media for a more effective job search”

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