Systems Coaching (teams)

The Smile Clinics, Family Dental office team: “Improve team performance”
Arkana – Board of Directors: “Working better as a team”
Women of Success – Board of Directors: “Improving communication”
School for Social Entrepreneurs, Ontario:
“Systems coaching for social entrepreneurs”
Centre francophone de Toronto – Settlement team: “Dealing with change”
TRIEC: “Coaching Mentoring Relationships”
Romanian Business Networking Society

The Smile Clinics, Family Dental office team: “Improve team performance”
System Coaching session requested by Dr. Haleh Ashkevari, Owner The Smile Clinics

“Highly recommended! Great bonding with the team, hearing about the issues, being heard, finding solutions.”
Dr. Haleh Ashkevari, Owner, The Smile Clinics

“Excellent! The most important is that the team is aware that we all have different suggestions that must be discussed without prejudice to achieve a common goal. Will learn to listen with more awareness and open mind.”
Kymbeley Grigor, Office Manager of Family Dental – The Smile Clinics

Arkana – Board of Directors: “Working better as a team”
System Coaching session requested by President of Arkana
Objective: Identify root cause and possible solutions to work better as a team

“Excellent session! From the feedback received, the coaching session was a great success. The System Coaching concept you used in our session, to facilitate the discovering of how the team could work better together, was very effective. We had the chance to experience how
the intelligence of the system can help us design a customised action plan related to our need of improvement.”
Malika Mounir – Arkana President


School for Social Entrepreneurs – Ontario (SSE-O):
Systems coaching workshop social entrepreneurs

System Coaching workshop requested by Director of Learning of SSE-O
Objective: Help social entrepreneurs understand the system thinking and its impact on their own organisations

“I invited Gabriela to run a systems coaching workshop for the Fellows at the School for Social Entrepreneurs – Ontario. Gabriela was a complete professional – from preparing materials in advance of the session to thoroughly debriefing techniques as well as providing additional follow-up materials for the Fellows. Her abilities as a strong facilitator and educator were well-noted by the cohort. Gabriela is highly capable at demystifying systems-thinking in relation to group and organizational dynamics. The techniques that she shared were practical, grounded in lived experience, and encouraged adaptation to context.”
Omar Ramroop, Director of Learning, The School for Social Entrepreneurs – Ontario


“Coaching Mentoring Relationships”
Full day training based on System Coaching concepts & techniques,
requested by Mentoring Partnership Program (TMP), TRIEC, for their Professional Development Day
Objective: Leaning new techniques for coaching mentoring relationships
Delivered to: 16 mentoring coaches from TMP partner organizations

What did you get from this event?

• “A better understanding of relationships dynamics”
• “Great feeling of participation, engaged learning,
empowering techniques for coaches”

• “A better idea and training to be a good coach”
• “Very practical role playing, which can make me more
aware of the hidden problem”

• “New approaches to effective techniques”
• “Mentee and mentor relationship as a third entity”
• “Ideas on how to better assisting mentors and mentees”
• “Focus on coaching the mentoring relationship, as an entity of its own”

What did you like about this event?

• “The techniques to prevent from labelling and blaming”
• “Role playing to share the coaching techniques”
• “Gabriela gave us excellent insights with clear examples”
• “Very useful techniques, great learning”
• “The third entity, very good to bring it out”
• “Real scenarios for role paying”
• “2% things positive about the behavior”
• “Various tools for resolving issues in mentoring relationships”


Women of Success, Board of Directors (BoD): “Improving Communication”
Requested by “Women of Success” organization
Objective: Improving communication between the BoD members


What did you liked about this session?

“Putting each of us in the shoes of our colleagues helped to understand better the challenges of their roles.”
“I have better ideas on how to communicate within BOD and outside BOD.”
• “It helped the discussion to become more objective and people to be less subjective.”
“Open communication”

Overall opinion

“I found the session very beneficial to opening communication among the BoD members, and bringing new ideas for an action plan. It seems we could have spent hours talking!”
• “Well prepared, using different tools – this helped the participants to understand how and what is the impact of their role on the entire system.”
“It was effective, especially when we had to change roles and understand how they relate to other BoD members, and outside community.”
• “New and useful methods, more attractive.”


Romanian Business Networking Society (RBNS)

Echos of Gabriela’s presidency of Romanian Business Networking Society (based on System Coaching concepts and techniques)

“I was introduced to Gabriela, when I joined RBNS where she was president and I became a part of her team. Gabriela is one of the most disciplined and punctual people I’ve ever known. Her ability to work efficiently and her counselling skills speak volumes about her hard work, determination and her composed demeanour. She succeeded in engaging the enthusiasm of all of us who worked alongside her. She has single-handedly kept our organization alive through a series of well-planned programs. Thanks to her efforts, RBNS is now a strong organization built on a solid foundation and a well-known name. Gabriela demonstrated that she is a compassionate and hardworking individual and an extremely capable professional who is ready to assume managerial and supervisory responsibilities.”
Margareta Hileaga, Mortgage Broker, Mortgage Intelligence

“Gabriela’s work as the 2010 RBNS President has been instrumental on bringing the group to a new level of interaction – networking and knowledge exchange. Her meticulous and focused attitude translated in membership expansion, as well as increased group impact in other networks. Gabriela used her referrals to linking people and letting everyone feel best represented in the community. A job well done!”
Mihai Manolache, Executive Director,
Clearview Media Design and Production

After one year of working closely with Gabriela as RBNS colleagues, I can add that Gabriela is one of the best group leaders I met in my career. She was able to listen to everybody’s ideas, summarizing and then taking the right decision to the benefit of entire organization. Her enthusiasm brought in her attitude and her speeches together with her efforts gave to the entire organization a push ahead to a solid foundation. In one year the total number of RBNS members were being doubled and the name of our organization is well known now. I have worked with Gabriela on many occasions and have been very impressed with her highly energetic and positive attitude as well as her dedication to get the job done. Gabriela was able to manage difficult situations with easy providing always the right solution. Gabriela have used her counselling skills in managing these situations, she had questions, suggestions and plans for us to grow as organization like nobody else. Thank you, Gabriela.”
Viorel Rusu, Real Estate Representative, Royal Lepage Signature Realty

“I joined RBNS during Gabriela’s presidency in 2010 and remained in contact since. I can recommend Gabriela as a great coach for Small Business owners and other people alike. Her credentials and life experience help Gabriela deliver successful and effective lessons and strategies.”
Aurel Lonian, Relationship Manager, TD Commercial


Centre francophone de Toronto- Settlement Services team: “Dealing with Change”
(one day session, 20 team members)
– Helping the team members understand how to deal with change as a team effort
– Experience and learn useful system coaching techniques to be used in the future
– Going from reactive to proactive mode in dealing with changes

90% found the session excellent/ very good and would recommend it!

What did you liked about this session?

The freedom to speak, to discover yourself
The practicability of the exercises to different situations
• The interactivity of the session
The exercises with the whole team
• The exercise about Conservators, Bridge Builders and Leapers
All the exercises, interactivity, it was really good!
• Learning about each other opens new horizons.

What did you learn from this session

The importance of self expression
• The projected team image and the reality
Learned many new concepts about dealing with change
• The importance to see the changes from others’ perspective.
To discuss and move forward
• The importance of the team
The diversity present in the team is a force to be exploited for better results
• Awareness of each one richness and the force of the team