Organisation and Relationship Systems Coaching

We define a Relationship System (or System) as any two or more people that come together having a special purpose or goal. It could be a team, group, partnership, the entire organization … or a family, friendship, etc.

Would you like to create a more positive environment that:
• fosters your system growth (increased productivity and profit)?
• identifies the root cause, and inspires members to find creative solutions?
• aligns and motivates system members toward the common goals?

Some testimonials for System Coaching sessions facilitated by Gabriela.
Click here to understand some factors that affect a system’s growth.

While a one-on-one coaching session could take 30 minutes to bring new ideas and perspectives on the topic discussed, a System coaching session takes more time.

Depending on the outcomes desired, it could take even more than one session.
This is because all members of the system are usually present at the System coaching session or are represented. This allows the System to be revealed to itself, by hearing the different voices of the system from the members and roles’s perspectives. This process increases awareness and inspires members to find customized solutions based on their specific challenge and situation. By designing the solutions themselves, the members will become more motivated to implement them.

Through different System coaching exercises, Gabriela:

  • Facilitates the process of identifying the real cause of the problem
  • Inspires team members to find solutions aligned with system’s goals, and motivates them
  • Teaches methods for dealing later on with internal and external challenges (including avoiding conflict, non-resolution)
  • Increases awareness about the roles on a team, and teaches techniques for effectives communication
  • Creates an more positive environment that fosters collaboration, increased creativity and productivity.

Gabriela is trained in Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC™), a leading edge model for developing and strengthening team dynamics, that is based on Systems Theory, Process Work, Family Systems Therapy, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Quantum Physics, Co-Active Coaching™, and Taoism. The CCR Global (ORSC™ training) is the only coaching school that offers a systems-based ICF (International Coach Federation) accredited coaching program.

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Some testimonials for System Coaching sessions facilitated by Gabriela.


Factors that affect system’s growth

Any two or more people that have common goals and objectives form a Relationships System. It could be a team, group, company, organization, family, friendship, etc.

• How system’s members interact with each other could impact positively or not their relationships within the system, affecting the system’s growth.
• When blame, contempt, defensiveness and stonewalling show up in their relationships, they loose track of the system’s goal/ vision. This will affect the system’s capacity to adapt to changes and overcome challenges.
• Each member holds certain role(s) in the system, and he/she might not be aware of the challenges of the other members’ roles or simply ignore them for different reasons. Not knowing exactly what’s going on, the assumptions could lead to wrong decisions.
• The system’s members have their own goals and interests that might not to coincide with the system’s goals, which will pull out the system in other directions than toward its vision.
• The pressure from outside the system (from other systems or the environment the system belongs to), is a factor that should be taken in consideration. Otherwise, its the capacity to adapt to the external conditions might be diminished.    

How could all these work together to allow system’s growth and achieving its goals?!

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