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Multiple intelligences, do you know yours?

The theory of multiple intelligences was proposed by Howard Gardner in 1983. He suggested eight types on intelligences at that time: Spatial, Linguistic, Logical-mathematical, Bodily-kinesthetic, Musical, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal and Naturalistic. Another one was proposed later on: Existential. Howard believes that … Continue reading

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It’s easier to judge…

A coaching session today made me think about the past: I was still in Romania in 1998, when I sent my children to visit their father in States during the summer holidays. We were already divorced. What happened after? He … Continue reading

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Are you good at juggling? ;-)

Actors are not the only people who play roles. We all do! Lets take for example a married woman, who just had a baby. Please read on, even if you’re a man or not married! 😉 Before giving birth, she … Continue reading

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Leading the way (parents/children)

Several days ago I saw a lot of women pushing the strollers with their babies: in the subway, on streets, in buildings… everywhere I turned around that day. It was so weird! I didn’t remember last time when I saw … Continue reading

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