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Do you know your strengths?

While I figured out by myself what I want for a career change back in 2006, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) personality test taken a year after confirmed my choice. It also introduced me to definitions of Extrovert and Introvert … Continue reading

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Challenged by your relationship with an introvert? 7 tips!

Introverts don’t usually share things about themselves: what they think, what they want, what they do or don’t. And this could lead to communication problems, and frustration on both sides, in any relationship extrovert-introvert (being it friendship, professional or personal … Continue reading

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White, photography and teams

White, photography and teams… what do they have in common? White colour is inherently a positive colour, associated with light, safety, brilliance, understanding, possibility, sincerity, and perfection. How would a team perform if all these are present? Photography brings the … Continue reading

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Traditional Training vs System Coaching*

Example of System Coaching session: wp.me/p1iiy3-Ad Gabriela Casienanu, M.Eng, MBA, ORSC Organsation and Relationship Systems Coach ThoughtsDesigner.com

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The Life Silver Line

Did you notice a Silver Line embedded in your life? Mine is certainly strongly connected with the French language. I start learning French in the 5th grade, and continued throughout the high school. I’m Romanian, and it’s easy for us … Continue reading

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