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Tendency to stutter while speaking?

“He has a tendency to stutter while speaking”, she told me skeptically. Since I had coached someone with this before, I was curious to see what a session could do for him. He did speak with often breaks between words, … Continue reading

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That’s what my boyfriend says too …

Looking forward to my trip to Machu Picchu in October, I start searching Internet for airfare options. After choosing the best one (according to my criteria), I’ve printed it and headed to the closer Flight Centre. I still enjoy the … Continue reading

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Fear of an upcoming event?

Here’s what I did in a recent coaching session: I asked the client to take a deep breath, to stop her train of thoughts (which was pushing her deeper into that fear). Once she felt relaxed, I asked her to … Continue reading

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Fear of snakes

Some time ago I was a participant at an interesting workshop. Almost at the end, we were asked to role up our sleeves. We were curious what the exercise will be about, when we heard: “Each of you will have … Continue reading

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