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How to cope with all these, and still function somewhat normal?

I was asked (via LinkedIn) by Meltem Kogelbauer from U.K., to write an article for her website montyscorner.org. This website was created to provide support for parents with children that were diagnosed with cancer. You can find here my article in … Continue reading

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A wrong move…

Two days ago I made a wrong move coming home, and I ended up barely walking and with a swollen knee. It’s the same one that got hurt a month ago, in the bus… so it was already sensitive. I … Continue reading

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From suicidal thoughts to starting her own business

I noticed that many people don’t know what to expect from coaching, or what topics they could bring into discussion. That’s why, with my client permission, I share with you her feedback after a thee months coaching relationship. Fidel to … Continue reading

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Handle a difficult situation

One day I went to a Timothy’s coffee shop, put my coat and the heavy bag on a chair, and head on to the counter to buy a tea. I saw people doing the same thing in the cold season. … Continue reading

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I don’t want to be coached!

I was talking with someone two days ago, and suddenly she said: “I don’t want to be coached! Why a coach wants to change my beliefs? My beliefs are not good?!” She told me that she had a previous experience … Continue reading

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Who cares about those letters?

We are all striving for being more, having more and becoming happier, aren’t we? But how much do we acknowledge what we’ve become, who we are and what we’ve accomplished? I get all kind of comments and reactions about the … Continue reading

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Meeting with Yourself

v What do you need to be grateful, even on a “rainy” or “hot” day? What will you do to make it more meaningful to YOU? Gabriela Casineanu http://www.quantumlifecoach.ca PS: Click on the image to view more pages from the … Continue reading

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