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Challenged by your relationship with an introvert? 7 tips!

Introverts don’t usually share things about themselves: what they think, what they want, what they do or don’t. And this could lead to communication problems, and frustration on both sides, in any relationship extrovert-introvert (being it friendship, professional or personal … Continue reading

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Shutting down a part of yourself…

At least that’s what my client found out at the end of the coaching session. I should’ve added “holding on and not expressing your opinions”, because that was the case with my client. The part of herself that wanted to … Continue reading

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Where did my inner cheerleader go?!

Close to the end of the coaching session, the client asked rhetorically: “Where did my inner cheerleader go?!” We’ve started the session with the topic “How to be prepared for the upcoming important meeting”, that soon became “How do I … Continue reading

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How do you deal with your Gremlin?

Had a System Coaching session today at School for Social Entrepreneurs. Participants seem happy with the outcomes, but coming home I’ve noticed the Gremlin’s voice in my head: “you could’ve done this, say that…”, and so on. Listening, I jot … Continue reading

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Intrapersonal vs Interpersonal Communication

Many people focus on improving their Interpersonal Communication, but often they are not aware of their Intrapersonal Communication* and how it affects their life. What I like about System Coaching, is that we can apply it to individuals, not only … Continue reading

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