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“Candlelight Memories”

We’re at St. Clair subway station. An investigation has stated by a passenger hitting the alarm button. It’s so crowded inside, I don’t feel comfortable waiting here. “Excuse me… excuse me …” I make my way out. Outside, a bright … Continue reading

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Challenging our thinking …

We complain about one thing or another, day after day. It’s very easy to see what we don’t like, but it takes a strong will and real effort to look at things from a different perspective … and do something … Continue reading

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Fear of an upcoming event?

Here’s what I did in a recent coaching session: I asked the client to take a deep breath, to stop her train of thoughts (which was pushing her deeper into that fear). Once she felt relaxed, I asked her to … Continue reading

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Happiness and relationship

I’m a strong believer that happiness comes from inside. When you’re happy with who you are, you don’t need someone else to tell you how wonderful you are..  you just know!  Of course, it’s great to hear from other(s), but … Continue reading

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