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If you can’t find it, create it!

I adopted this strategy some time ago: if I look for something that I’d like or want, and I can’t find it easily, I create it! It works pretty well for me, whether it’s about clothes, jewellery or a group … Continue reading

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What’s in it for me?

The end of this December is also the end of my one-year mandate as the president of Romanian Business Networking Society (www.rbn-society.com). In the feedback received from a RBNS member (who’s also one of the RBNS founders), he mentioned that … Continue reading

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The Career Basket

Today I’d like to bring to your attention the Career Basket. Without getting into a discussion about financial investments, we all know that an investment basket should contain more than one fund or company to invest. Why? Because thus we … Continue reading

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Who cares about those letters?

We are all striving for being more, having more and becoming happier, aren’t we? But how much do we acknowledge what we’ve become, who we are and what we’ve accomplished? I get all kind of comments and reactions about the … Continue reading

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12 Networking Tips for Business Owners (and not only!)

12 Networking Tips for Business Owners (and not only!) My first networking event in Canada, six years ago: I was shy, afraid of talking in English with strangers, assuming they all know each other…  Finally I’ve asked somebody what I … Continue reading

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