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Trading Health for Time

In a civilized, modern world, we could expect more people to be healthy because we know more than our grandparents … don’t we?! Yet, you might have already noticed by now that knowing and doing are totally different “animals”. 🙂 … Continue reading

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Woke up crying …

It was almost two years since I start struggling with growing a business without having any other income, while having debts to pay (I made them taking courses, but they were still debts). I loved my daily meditation practice all … Continue reading

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Depression and Happiness

I was asked to write about depression, so here’s my perspective on it: Few years ago I heard that in Canada 1 out of 2 people suffers from depression. I was a little puzzled by such statistics, considering Canada a … Continue reading

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How to let go …

When I’ve posted my Letting go card on facebook, someone asked: “How to do it, to let go?” Good question! 🙂 Here’s my answer: Option A “Letting go” is an easy process when you don’t have anything else resisting to … Continue reading

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How our own thoughts affect the job search results

The workshop “How our own thoughts affect the job search results“ always gets good feedback from participants, for example: “Gabriela engaged the group in a thought-provoking series of interactive exercises that help us see the effects of our thought processes … Continue reading

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Who cares about those letters?

We are all striving for being more, having more and becoming happier, aren’t we? But how much do we acknowledge what we’ve become, who we are and what we’ve accomplished? I get all kind of comments and reactions about the … Continue reading

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You don’t have to go too far …

I took five days off this week, for a vacation in .. Toronto! I felt very tired lately, plus I didn’t allow myself a real vacation since I came to Canada (6.5 years ago). I’ve spent all my vacation days … Continue reading

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