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Your body language shapes who you are

It goes both ways: the mind gives commands to the body, and body language can also shape who we are … as shown in this TED presentation by social psychologist Amy Cuddy. She’s talking about the effects of consciously putting … Continue reading

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I am ok… you too?

Two days ago, I’ve created a new meetup group to share with other members of the community my knowledge. I was planning to use my photo-coaching albums as starting point for the discussions. This could be my way of volunteering … Continue reading

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7 Strategies Of Stating Your Boundaries About Your Ex

Following my January 1st decision to send more articles to different websites, I recently joined the YourTango.com community – a well known website that provides advice for couples, singles and love life. This is my first article published there, my … Continue reading

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Happiness and relationship

I’m a strong believer that happiness comes from inside. When you’re happy with who you are, you don’t need someone else to tell you how wonderful you are..  you just know!  Of course, it’s great to hear from other(s), but … Continue reading

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