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Information Hunger: another way to procrastinate?

It’s funny how our curiosity to learn more could play against us sometimes. Some of us develop an Information Hunger, wanting to know more and more about a certain topic. It’s certainly the case of those who got the Self-Growth … Continue reading

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Social media and small business owners

I was contacted lately by several small business owners asking for help to start or increase their social media presence. Here’s what most of them have in common, and my point of view: 1. Consider social media another way of … Continue reading

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3 Methods for Removing Limiting Beliefs

Which one do you prefer? Any other suggestions? 🙂 Gabriela Casineanu, ThoughtsDesigner.com

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Now I’m 50… what’s next? :-)

On 11.11.11 I turned 50, but I don’t feel them! 🙂 A half century seems a lot, but where did all these years go? Especially the last 5? When I turned 35, a friend told me: “You’ll see, after 35 … Continue reading

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Limiting beliefs, what are they?!

Indeed. What do you mean by limiting beliefs? My definition of a limiting belief: a thought or belief that was created during a previous experience (usually in your childhood), that doesn’t serve you anymore. It might even block your personal … Continue reading

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Fits IN a box, and facilitate OUT of the box thinking!

The photo-coaching album “Meeting with Yourself” has a completely new look: fits IN a box, and facilitate OUT of the box thinking! Whether you’re feeling stressed, frustrated or need to generate new ideas, this album will provide the stimulus needed … Continue reading

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Ok.. September Newsletter is gone…

Ok.. September Newsletter is gone… http://ht.ly/2AUmh

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I don’t want to be coached!

I was talking with someone two days ago, and suddenly she said: “I don’t want to be coached! Why a coach wants to change my beliefs? My beliefs are not good?!” She told me that she had a previous experience … Continue reading

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Who cares about those letters?

We are all striving for being more, having more and becoming happier, aren’t we? But how much do we acknowledge what we’ve become, who we are and what we’ve accomplished? I get all kind of comments and reactions about the … Continue reading

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Meeting with Yourself

v What do you need to be grateful, even on a “rainy” or “hot” day? What will you do to make it more meaningful to YOU? Gabriela Casineanu http://www.quantumlifecoach.ca PS: Click on the image to view more pages from the … Continue reading

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