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Do you know your strengths?

While I figured out by myself what I want for a career change back in 2006, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) personality test taken a year after confirmed my choice. It also introduced me to definitions of Extrovert and Introvert … Continue reading

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Relationships and Technology: what they have in common? :-)

1. They both evolve. We need to keep up with what’s going on, instead of relying on assumptions. 2. Curiosity. Asking questions, being open to continuously learn help both of them. Plus, it keeps us interested in what’s new or … Continue reading

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Traditional Training vs System Coaching*

Example of System Coaching session: wp.me/p1iiy3-Ad Gabriela Casienanu, M.Eng, MBA, ORSC Organsation and Relationship Systems Coach ThoughtsDesigner.com

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Example of a System Coaching session

I am aware that not too many people experienced a system oriented coaching session, or System Coaching (as I like to name it). If you are curious about how such a session looks like, and what could be the benefits … Continue reading

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Summer is here, same my offer…

Please share, if you like it! 🙂 Thanks! Gabriela, gabriela@thoughtsdesigner.com PS: If you have an offer for July too, list it here! 🙂

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3 Methods for Removing Limiting Beliefs

Which one do you prefer? Any other suggestions? 🙂 Gabriela Casineanu, ThoughtsDesigner.com

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Spontaneity and Discipline

In a recent coaching session, the topic was “Keeping the momentum”. The client identified a pattern, and wanted to understand what was happening: “I’m very good in starting a project, but something gets in the way and I cannot keep … Continue reading

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If you can’t find it, create it!

I adopted this strategy some time ago: if I look for something that I’d like or want, and I can’t find it easily, I create it! It works pretty well for me, whether it’s about clothes, jewellery or a group … Continue reading

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Best answer…

Do you take advantage of the Questions/ Answers feature of Linkedin? When your answer is chosen as the best  answer, it will show up on your profile, and your profile visitors could also get an idea of how you think … Continue reading

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Fits IN a box, and facilitate OUT of the box thinking!

The photo-coaching album “Meeting with Yourself” has a completely new look: fits IN a box, and facilitate OUT of the box thinking! Whether you’re feeling stressed, frustrated or need to generate new ideas, this album will provide the stimulus needed … Continue reading

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