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3 Tips for Turning Power Struggle into Normal Dialogue

When things don’t go well, it might be a power struggle going on without even being noticed. It shows up usually when we feel that our opinions are not recognized or appreciated. This is frustrating and the communication turns into … Continue reading

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How do you deal with your Gremlin?

Had a System Coaching session today at School for Social Entrepreneurs. Participants seem happy with the outcomes, but coming home I’ve noticed the Gremlin’s voice in my head: “you could’ve done this, say that…”, and so on. Listening, I jot … Continue reading

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Traditional Training vs System Coaching*

Example of System Coaching session: wp.me/p1iiy3-Ad Gabriela Casienanu, M.Eng, MBA, ORSC Organsation and Relationship Systems Coach ThoughtsDesigner.com

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Intrapersonal vs Interpersonal Communication

Many people focus on improving their Interpersonal Communication, but often they are not aware of their Intrapersonal Communication* and how it affects their life. What I like about System Coaching, is that we can apply it to individuals, not only … Continue reading

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