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Are you open to opportunities out of the blue ?

When I received the email from Passages of Canada, I quickly embraced the opportunity to speak on July 30th at the Stories of Ours event organized by Erin Kang at the Centre for Social Innovation – Regent Park, Toronto. I found … Continue reading

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Freedom of expression

The I am Charlie movement captured recently the media attention, and many manifestations of protest and sympathy were organized in Toronto and around the world. This made me question the concept “Freedom of expression”. In my opinion, everything we do or … Continue reading

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Job search as a driving journey

He was trying for a couple of years to get a better job in his field. Tired, frustrated, low confidence, lack of energy were just a few symptoms he was dealing with when we’ve started the coaching session. – I’m … Continue reading

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Shutting down a part of yourself…

At least that’s what my client found out at the end of the coaching session. I should’ve added “holding on and not expressing your opinions”, because that was the case with my client. The part of herself that wanted to … Continue reading

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Who’s stronger?


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Life Coaching Vs Professional Coaching

It’s been months since I wanted to start writing articles for EzineArticles.com , a well known website that publishes articles from different experts and writers. On January 1st 2012 I took the big step: chose a title, then wrote the … Continue reading

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