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• workshops for:
Teams and organisations

“Team Building and Leadership Development with Systems Coaching” “Attitudes for Effective Communication”
“How Limiting Beliefs Affect the Productivity and Business Growth” “Using Social Media for Business Growth”

“Team Building and Leadership Development with Systems Coaching”

Workshop presented at 2012 OCASI Conference for Managers and Coordinators. 88% of workshop participants found the workshop excellent and highly recommend it.

“I loved the methods used and the group dynamics. I’ve learned how to deal with difficult situations.” “Excellent for working with teams. System Coaching is effective!”
“I appreciated very much the meta-skills. These will help me in my personal and professional life.” “Great job! I take away the usefulness of System Coaching. The exercises and personal reflection were very revealing.”


“Attitudes for Effective Communication”
Workshop presented on July 10, 2012 to 58 engineers, members of
Professional Engineers Ontario – Willowdale/ Thornhill Chapter

What do you take away from this workshop?

  • “An improved attitude can readily be achieved to enhance communication processes. Team work in all situations.”
  • “7 attitudes for effective communication and how to evaluate a variety of scenarios from different angles.”
  • “7 different attitudes forms a whole to solve situations we do not desire/ want to achieve.”
  • “All 7 elements are very useful tools for making an effective communication.”
  • “In this workshop I realised how to use 7 communication tools to control my situation, and move toward a better situation just like a captain in a ship.”
  • “7 attitudes is a great platform for a diverse team to find common ground. The definitions can be used as a starting point to find common ground, allowing team members to communicate better.”
  • “The 7 attitudes as an evaluation tool.”
  • “The 7 attitudes are the most important elements that I will walk out with. Some I never thought of, but I have them in myself and never tried to use them or know how to use them in some situations.”
  • “Your topic is very general. Every situation is different, and that’s when the strength of the seven attitudes kicks in.”
  • “Got an idea about required team members qualities.”
  • “Keep in mind the attitudes discussed and trying to improve/ work on the weaker attitudes to make them behaviour.”
  • “Identifies elements of a good approach in communication.”
  • “Think of your weaknesses. Identify them and take corrective action to rectify them. Change your behaviour and overcome weaknesses.”
  • “In my individual or team communication I am going to apply these 7 attitudes to improve my communication skill.”

“Attitudes for Effective Communication”
Workshop presented at Project Management Institute – Southern Ontario Chapter
2012 Professional Development Day

“Best Communication seminar I’ve attended. The seven attitudes were a huge eye-opener.” Alma Sotelo-Inzunza, B.C.Eng, PMP, Capital Planner “Balance and including all seven attitudes are key to successful relationships.”
Workshop participant
“I liked the key concept and found it effective, especially after participating in exercise.”
Michael Werneburg, PMP, Risk Manager
“Good learning and take away. Great tool for helping with lessons learned.” Workshop participant
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• workshops for:
Moving your career forward

“How our thoughts affect our job search results” “Moving your career forward”
“Using Social Media for a more effective job search” “Attitudes for Effective Communication”

“How our thoughts affect our job search results”

“It was a wonderful workshop! So true! It was an unbelievable revelation for me.
This workshop gave me all the confidence I needed to start my job search adventure. I discovered what I needed for this adventure. And here it is! My efforts were fruitful: I found a job exactly in the field I always wanted!
Thank you Gabriela, for giving me the hope!”
Fatouma Coulibaly, Accountant
“Last year in August I’ve participated in your workshop “How your own thoughts affect your life”. This May I accepted the position of Business Banking Officer. There are several ideas that helped me, that came from your workshop: dream big, the effect of our own thoughts on what’s happening to us, don’t passively assist to your life.. be yourself the change agent! Thank you!” Flavia A.
“This workshop facilitates a wonderful introspection, to understand how our thoughts could ruin our career evolution. We leave this workshop with a new perspective and a new life approach. Being ourselves the biggest barrier in our evolution, we learned with Gabriela how to better define what we want. It was an excellent opportunity to think about ourselves, how our own thoughts are usually limiting us. Bravo Gabriela!” Valerie Plourde “The workshop from last evening will be a reference for me, as approach and energy, a new way of thinking … more clearly and positive. Today I had a better day at work, not really different from others days, but I looked at things differently, more invigorating. I start contacting people around me and it seems that my knowledge space is broadening.” Carmen M.
“During this workshop, I realized that sometime I unconsciously designed my job search strategy in a way that my limitations were hiding many skills that I have. I really appreciate how the workshop was facilitated, the interactive method used, where I was successively an actor and a participant. Even if we know or heard before that our mental can affect our results, it’s totally different when we experience it (like in this workshop).” Workshop participant “Gabriela engaged the group in a thought-provoking series of interactive exercises that help us see the effects of our thought processes on our job search, and how we can change our ways of thinking to improve our results! She involved everyone in the session, and helped us to see connections (e.g. between positive/ negative thoughts and positive/ negative outcomes) that we may have previously missed.” Stephen Beaupre, Employment Counselor


“Moving your career forward”

“This presentation is mandatory for everyone who asks himself questions or tries to find answers regarding his personal goals” Daniel Cheoreanu. P.Eng. “This presentation gives you good ideas about how to organize your path toward a successful career.” George Oprea, P.Eng.
““It was an evening that fascinated me with the topics discussed, especially the coaching session. Why? Because I came there with certain believes and finally I left with new ones. You thrown some light into the darker corners and helped me to better understand myself and others.” Daniela P. “It’s a very important approach for a career change, that helps us understand why we are still here, looking for a change. We need a coach to get sooner where we want.” Florin P.
“Talking about dreams can be an incredible energetic experience or a cold shower for some of us who lost our dreams on the way, in this busy life. Gabriela manages to make us think about our life in the way we never did it before. After session everything seamed to be clearer, more significant and Gabriela -through her incredible talent – determined us to start the change in our lives, remember our dreams, pursue our goals and do something really constructive in order to improve the quality of our lives. Thanks a lot for being such a great and talented life coach. And thanks for this wonderful presentation.” Olga H. “The presentation helped me to understand my weaknesses and why I don’t take steps to have the career I want. It’s useful to see this presentation and to have a career mentor. This event motivates you, gives you power and teach you how to start thinking and doing something for your career.” Gabriela S.

“Attitudes for Effective Communication”

“I’ve attended many workshops on communications before, but this one was the best!” “The workshop invited to reflection, which lead us finding precise and personal solutions.”
“The workshop helped me find my communication strengths and weaknesses. I even left with an action plan on how to transform my weaknesses in strengths.” “During the two hours session I learned so much about my communication style, and of others. All just by learning the importance of our weaknesses and strengths. Thanks Gabriela!”
“Very interesting and dynamic workshop.” “One of the most interesting workshops I have ever attended.”
“I liked many things about this presentation. Gabriela has suggested a very simple technique to help us. She encouraged all participants to actively ask questions and share their examples…and at the end, we all looked together for the best way how to solve the issues applying the techniques Gabriela has presented.” “Very interesting. We left with specific tools to use, and the willingness to know and master more.”


“Using Social Media for a more effective job search”

“I’ve participated at two of your workshops, the one on mindset and the other one on LinkedIn. I just want to tell you that LinkedIn was an incredible tool: in less than three weeks of job search, I’ve got a job thanks to it… and it was not even advertized internally or externally)! I’ve contacted many people corresponding the profile I was interested in, asked for information interviews, obtained other contacts, got recommendations and… that’s it! Thanks for everything!” Workshop participant “For those that don’t know Linkedin, this workshop presented an excellent tool for networking. For the others, we discovered many tips and tricks to better use this website to obtain the information and contacts that we need at different stages in our careers.” Workshop participant
“The content of the workshop was very interesting, and it will be useful for my career – both short and long term. It opened up perspectives not explored up to now. Thanks Gabriela!” Workshop participant “Social Media can be a tool for job search. I’ve never thought it can be!” Workshop participant
“Before assisting to this workshop I thought I know how to use Internet and social media. Now I know that I have much more to learn. Thank you.” Workshop participant “Very good workshop that I will recommend to my friends!” Workshop participant


• workshops for:
Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

“How your limiting beliefs affect your own business” “Answers to Small Business Challenges”
“Using Social Media for Business Growth” “Connecting the Dots:
what to do before, during and after a workshop to ensure your business growth
“The mindset of successful business women”
(workshop for Ryerson University students)
“Attitudes for Effective Communication”

“How your limiting beliefs affect your own business”

“Interactive – working on real issues. A reminder about how important it is to reinforce what we already “know” because it is not yet integrated or has gotten blocked. Also the reminder about the thought-feeling-action-result chain. This is so important, and I had lost sight of it (again).” Laurie, Life Coach (France) “Friendly, relax atmosphere. Great step by step time line. Excellent techniques to set my mind with positive, helpful thoughts. Learning how important (and easy to get) is the state of MIND, followed by new ideas. Get rid of I can’t!” Cezar Bangu,
“I just attended Gabriela’s workshop named How your limiting beliefs affect your own business. To tell the truth, I had heard about the subject from many people, so I had no very high expectations going through this. I thought I knew it all. But Gabriela exceeded my expectations. The exercises were very practical and right to the point. She brought her high knowledge and experience on the subject. I was amazed to see that things that I knew were not enough until I practice them. But, above all, I went home with a practical game plan. Thanks Gabriela!”
Patrick Bezindavyi,
“Able to share fears – conquer fear. As I have expecting before coming to this workshop, I learned once again that I need to be aware of my body and the success is something you create in your mind. As are all the limiting beliefs created by our mind. These prevent us from living our dreams and achieving goals. I already knew what I have to do, but now I have an extra push/ courage to do it. Very hands on, practical, fun.” Tereza Novak, Personal Trainer
“It helped me to define my type of success and how to get it. To find more about my real me and how to get over the fear and procrastination – I only need to start being me!” Roland Isai, Interior Designer “So so appreciated, it was the push that I need to go out from my comfort zone and to make that new position comfortable. The unknown became known, because I’ve learned how to tame it.” Lise Fillion,


“Answers to Small Business Challenges”

“Gabriela is mastering her profession. The presentation and her answers were so interesting, I didn’t know how the time passed by. I would like to implement her ideas, advices, and use the practical exercises. Thanks again and please continue to provide us your support to succeed in our new adventure.” Aicha Kone “Participating at Gabriela’s presentation was really helpful. I found this presentation very interesting and will allow me to follow the steps. Thanks for the advice! Aminata Keita


“Using Social Media for Business Growth”

“Excellent. Very interactive! Tons of information, great guidance, excellent START!”
Bogdan Stanescu“The workshop was excellent and gave me ideas for the next steps.”
Aurel Lonian, Account Manager
TD Commercial Banking“Had the opportunity to watch and learn from Gabriela’s “Using Social Media for Success” presentation, last month, and was more than impressed. Despite the many tips and tricks on how to better use the available tools, Gabriela also works with a twisting approach: it starts with YOU (or in this case, me)! In few words, she can talk about the best practices, tools and share some incredible under the hood secrets, but there is not a magic formula. If there’s no YOU, and YOUR objectives, there will be no YOU at the message. But don’t be scared, she can help you with that, too!”
Beto Faria
Creative Planner“Your presentation at the BCX networking event was excellent, and I’m sure that it’ll be useful to many participants. It was dynamic and interactive, and a lot of people interacted with you at the Q&A part. The topic (blogging) was very well chosen.”
Florin Pirjol
Sales and Marketing Director
“I liked the informality – open question forum. I have personal Linkedin and facebook accounts, but I had no idea how I could leverage these and more social media tools for my business. I understand what the hype is about now, and I realize I need to start leveraging it to expand my business.”
Angela Johnson, President“Gabriela provided our group with great insights, strategies and examples on how to build our brand and develop our business through social media.”
Corey Atkinson
Meet For Biz Director“Helpful, broad topics, lots of information, notes to take home. I liked you knowledge and willingness to answer questions.”
Lynda Wise

“I found the session excellent, because it tights together information about the most important social media websites. Even more, Gabriela gave us tips and strategies that make us gain a lot of precious time. Bravo et merci.”
Natasha Wauthion

“Gabriela, you impressed me! It was very informative and useful for beginners like me.”
Viorel Rusu
Real Estate Sales Representative
2010-2011 Recipient of RLP Master Sales Award


“Connecting the Dots:
what to do before, during and after a workshop to ensure your business growth

• “Great information and very well presented. That was a wonderful presentation. Thank you for your preparedness and professionalism, you made Keynote proud.”
Phil Tasci, Keynote Speakers Advanced Toastmasters Club President, Speaker
• “Inspiring. Well done!” Jeffrey Brown, DTM, Speaker• “Excellent. Very useful. Really well done; so well organized”. Marvin Greenberg, DTM, Consultant, Speaker• “Nice work, well organized. I know what my next step is: I will take additional workshops from Gabriela.” Elton Brown, Toastmasters Area Governor 71 & 74• “Essential strategies for anyone who presents workshops, whether as business owner or in any environment.”• “It was a great workshop! What I liked about this presentation: how to integrate all aspects of a business. Thank you Gabriela!”

• “Concrete information and tips from someone I feel has a lot of experience, and can be trusted in her knowledge.” Astrid Kerkhoven, ORSC Coach

• “It helped me to organise my ideas around the essential aspects of a workshop. Through an open and creative process, Gabriela’s style of presentation guides you towards some pertinent and essential questions that need to be addressed before starting any presentation. Excellent workshop!! Thank you Gabriela!!!”
Melania Lumezanu, Behaviour Therapist, Building Bridges Academy


“The mindset of successful business women”

“Thank you so much for coming and speaking! Many people got in contact with me and said they took a lot out of the experience.” What do you take away from this workshop?
• “Emotional mindset is important for a life success.”• “Excellent! There are “take away” lessons for everyone.”• “One thing I can take away is not thinking too much about what others think.”


• workshops for:
People interested in improving their relationships

“Happiness comes from within” “Deepening connections”
“Breaking barriers to relationships” “Relationships as a Spiritual Path”
“Improving Personal and Professional Relationships with System Thinking”

“Happiness comes from within”

“I was very impressed with all the things I have learned about myself. Gabriela is very personable and knows what she is talking about. With all the knowledge she provided and all the exercises we have performed in our session, I have gained a bigger perspective on my life and the actions I need to take to get where I want to be.” Tereza Novak, Personal Trainer “Excellent eye opener for anybody in a relationship or not. I came to understand what my next “actions” have to be to find my “significant other” and I am going home with a list of “homework” for improving myself. Do you think you are ready to have a great relationship? Come and get your own answer, you will be amazed! Gabriela is a master at making you “aware” and raising your conscious level. Looking forward for our next session.” Sofia Pistrila, Certified Nutritionist
“I came at the workshop thinking that I will get some information and help others. Oh, how full of myself I was! Instead, I got a huge “Aha” about myself, forgot about helping others (from a superiority position), and let Gabriela and the group help me to become a more self-aware person. Thank you from my heart!” Gabriela Besa Dragomir, Management Consultant “Wow! What a chance! To be guided by an enlightened person, maybe guided by a superior force herself. And also, allowing us to provide our own answers, that bring us to a better understanding, to lighten ourselves, and to become a better person.” Lise Fillion, Denturist
“The workshop was excellent in proving information on how to change our thinking and behaviour by taking actions. It allowed us to confront ourselves.” Nicola D’Aleandro “I learned that what I don’t like about someone shows something about myself; and I can learn what it is by asking me questions.” Louise Giroux


“Deepening connections”

“I like bringing to my attention a few forgotten Laws of the Universe. Ideas of next steps? I can create my reality. I can nurture my relationship with money. As usual, with depth and knowledge Gabriela makes you think in a different way… stops the chatter and invites you to turn inside. Best lessons: Everything is about relationships, Find the good thing in every situation in your life, There is no bad thing happening – there’s always a lesson to be learned” Sofia Pistrila, Certified Nutritionist “New concrete ways to be more creative, conscious, and no more a victim. I appreciate and am grateful to have a teacher for myself. I had the opportunity to ask any questions regarding my concerns. Thank you very much!” Louise Giroux
“I learned a lot about how too much focus on our thoughts, leads to loosing the connection with our intuition and feelings. The few exercises suggested by Gabriela will be very useful to reconnect with my inner self. I also learned to try other perspectives, not to pay attention only to mine. This way allows you to analyze a personal problem from a different angle, so you’ll get different solutions. Finally, I really appreciated the exercise that helps you discover personal issues and how to work on them. Briefly, this workshop is very well designed, enables communication in a group setting that leads to better understanding as an individual and as a person in a relationship.” Valérie Plourde, Job Search Workshop Facilitator


“Breaking barriers to relationships”

“I’m opening myself more, beginning to trust more the people around me. I am reconciling with different hurt parts of myself. I am healing my wounds; not being a victim anymore, but a player that becomes more active, vibrant participant at that part of my life that I want to improve! Thanks Gabriela, for being on my path. I feel blessed.” Louise Giroux


“Relationships as a Spiritual Path”

“I have the impression that I am in charge of my life. I’m more aware of the importance of becoming active when something bothers me, I wasn’t before! I learned how to change my beliefs about money and other beliefs! I learned how to handle my emotions, trusting my body’s wisdom (as an emotional guide). I understand now that any belief could be changed, it’s just a matter of time. To give yourself time to learn a new way of thinking.” Louise Giroux


“Improving Personal and Professional Relationships with System Thinking”

“Very easy to understand/ follow, yet extremely powerful. There is value in noticing what works/ doesn’t work in a system from various positions within that system, and removing what is broken so that it can be addressed by the team.”
Alice Weir, Family Mediator, Family Layer

“Excellent. What I take away is another perspective of a relationship, and personal development.”

Melania Nica, Behavior Therapist